Hot + Cold Therapy Compress Two Gel Pack Set with Wrap

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Relieve pain and treat injuries naturally
Relieve aches and pains and treat injuries with the Cureve hot and cold therapy gel pack wrap, designed to fit just about any part of any body. Just heat or freeze the large gel pack, slip it into the included body wrap and attach the velcro to begin relieving aches and pains and / or treating injuries.

Works almost anywhere on the body
The long elastic strap of the wrap allow it to comfortably hold the gel pack (5” x 10”) in place and provide heat or icy cold to just about anywhere on the body. The elastic strap can stretch out to over 45” in length.

Freedom of mobility while using
The elastic straps and extremely strong velcro of the wrap prevent the gel pack from moving or falling off when in use, giving you freedom of mobility while relieving pain or treating an injury.

Professional grade
Cureve gel packs are made from the softest, most durable materials and are built to last while delivering the longest lasting hot and cold treatments. Perfect for aches, pains, injuries and post-surgery.

Stays icy cold or hot for longer
Our proprietary gel and pack design locks in hot and cold temperatures far longer than normal gel packs.

Flexible even when frozen
Even straight out of the freezer, Cureve gel packs are flexible and soft - able to conform to just about any part of the body.

Comfortable to wear
The soft yet durable materials of the wrap, straps and the gel pack make it very comfortable to wear. The gel pack includes soft sewn edges for even further comfort and protection.

Built to last with a warranty to back it up
Cureve gel packs are made with the highest quality construction and materials - that is why our professional grade gel packs all come with a money back guarantee and a two year warranty - buy now with peace of mind.

Why choose cureve?

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Thousands of happy customers have given Cureve products 5-star reviews because of their durability, ease of use and effectiveness in reducing aches and pains. 

Natural Relief Without Pills

Cureve therapeutic products are designed to naturally reduce inflammation, aches and pain caused by all sorts of injuries and chronic illness. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

At Cureve, we love the products we make and know that you will too. That is why we include a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee and a two year warranty with every order. We stand by our products, plain and simple.

Free Shipping

Don't like shipping costs? Neither do we! That's why every Cureve order ships for free. 

Built to Last

Tired of cold packs leaking or not holding their temperature? Every Cureve product is built to last by professional grade standards, which means it'll help soothe your aches, pains and inflammation for years to come. 

We also believe in providing our customers with the safest possible products, made with only the highest quality materials. That is why all of our gel packs are BPA, Phthalate and Latex free. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Bev W.
Start to Shiver

I was shocked at how full each gel pack was. I’ve bought at least 10 ice packs of different brands over the past 6 years due to migraines & have yet to obtain even ONE this full. After freezing, the time it stayed truly cold was FULLY twice that of any other. I’m extremely pleased with my purchase!

Connie Tritt

Stays cold a LONG time.

Carolyn Bosil
Cold compress

Works great 👍🏻

Maria D'Angelo
Exactly what I needed

I love these packs! They’re moldable to fit the area that needs care, and they keep cold or hot for quite a while. Super happy with my purchase

Christine S.

Great ice packs. Very nice quality.