Plank Your Way to Less Chronic Pain

Plank Your Way to Less Chronic Pain

By Kelly of the Cureve Team

The plank pose is an extremely effective exercise. Why? Because it utilizes every single muscle within the body. This makes it a go to move for reducing chronic pain! Chronic pain results in excessive inflammation and regular exercise can reduce the amount of inflammation the body experiences.

One thing that makes the plank pose very appealing is that it can be done anywhere. There is no need for equipment, although as you advance the movement you may want to incorporate equipment. Another benefit of the plank pose is that it can be built upon to match your fitness level. As you build your plank time you can begin to incorporate side planks and other variations.

If you suffer from lower back pain, the plank is a great exercise for you. Planking can help strengthen the core. The muscles of the core and lower back work together in harmony. Often lower back pain comes from a weak core. Developing stronger core muscles can assist in relieving lower back pain.      

How To:

1. Find a surface that fits your entire body length.

2. Place hands on the surface with hands aligned directly under the shoulders while you come up on the balls of your feet with straight legs, creating a straight line through the entire length of the body.  

3. Pull the belly button in towards the spine – tightening the core.

4. Hold the pose for one minute.


The plank pose can be incredibly helpful in reducing chronic pain by strengthening the entire body and improving flexibility. Be sure to include plank into your exercise routine at least 3 times per week. Consistently performing plank pose will give you increased core strength, flexibility lead to less chronic pain!